Sharon and I just played a new venue this past week and because it was new to us, I was more nervous than usual.  We also invited a friend to play bass for us, and worked to get all of our lead sheets in order so he could read along.  To be honest, it would have been a lot easier to just do what we always do– show up and play our stuff,  just the two of us.  But we have found how much better it is to invite others to participate, audience members included.  Wow, it really added a lot to have that great bass line!  We really felt like a band.  There were some tricky parts where we weren’t quite together (I’ll admit, I often have a  hard time following our own music, so I can’t imagine how difficult it was for our friend).  But overall, it added so much and we hope to do it again.  I guess our mothers were right– it’s so much better to share!

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  1. Glen Says:

    As the invited guest I had a great time. It’s a challenge to play with other musicians when the charts are vocal lines with chords but that’s where hopefully the “ear” comes in. I have been blessed in my life to play with many different groups in numerous venues. Doris and Sharon are great musicians and their stage banter is fun. See them (or buy their CDs).

  2. Floyd Harrison -Publisher Says:

    Well, ladies, it would be good to have you at the Coffee House of Occoquan again after so long. It seems you have moved further and further from us. Ah, that’s what fame will do. Linda is looking for some Friday night groups now; why don’t you give her a call. 703-492-8976. She will only book groups she knows to carry Friday evenings. I know she remembers you cause she saw the article on the Wammie award in the Star. How about a visit for old times sake?

  3. dorismacdonald Says:

    Hey, we’ll give it a try, Floyd! Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. dorismacdonald Says:

    And perhaps Glen could join us! We could really rock the place!

  5. Sharon Says:

    Hey guys
    Just thought I would chime in here - a lot of things are better when you share them - like walks in the Shenandoah, rainy days under pavillions, coffee at Starbucks and in Occoquan, Bangkok’s fried dumplings, chips&salsa at Red Rocks, chili con queso at Carlos O’Kelly’s, and french fries just about anywhere! We are so fortunate for the sound of music with a few of our favorite things! (yuk yuk)

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