Living in the Margins

I used to get nervous if I saw an open calendar, with too many days not filled in.  What… no gigs this month?  Won’t people think we’re not doing anything? My natural instinct is to begin every year with goals, plans, things to work on etc.  Well, I haven’t had a total personality change, but I think I’ve learned to ease up on the throttle, and in fact take my hands off the wheel altogether.  Time and time again, God has shown me that if I let him take control, he usually has something better planned.  I guess I’ve learned this through trial and error, mostly error, through too many plans made that didn’t quite work out.  I’ve especially learned that if I fill up all the spaces with my own plans, there isn’t time for the occasional cool thing that God might bring along.  I’ve learned to keep the margins of my life free for God’s doodles.  This year God has already been at work, “filling in” the calendar.  In January, I had the opportunity to work with a children’s production company, accompanying rehearsals for a Disney production of “Geppetto and Son.”  Though I fought doing it at first, in the end I learned so much and it felt good to be helpful.  In February, Sharon and I were surprised by two more WAMA awards from the Washington Area Musicians’ Association.  We were especially pleased to win one for our most recent CD, “Follow the Cross.”  March brought along several gigs, and we have enjoyed meeting new people, sharing our music and selling some CDs.  April has just begun, but we have been very busy with Holy Week services, finding creative ways for people to participate and more personally experience the meaning of Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection.  And May…. a big margin filler… we have the opportunity to go to Kenya to minister and teach in a seminary, school and orphanage.  We are excited about the plans God will reveal, if we are faithful to seek and listen and set aside time for Him!

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